The Monk by the Sea | C.S. Friedrich, 1808

I am a humanities lecturer, philosopher, and intellectual historian. That means
I get paid to investigate big questions and to look at the big picture.

To prepare for this endeavor, I learned a lot of great stuff from some outstanding thinkers. As a result, I have graduate degrees in Humanities and the
History & Philosophy of Science from Florida State University. I am also currently working toward my PhD in Modern Jewish Philosophy through the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas.

I have served as an invited reviewer for Philosophy: Here & Now, for Oxford University Press. I have recently published a chapter called “Forgiveness in Judaism,” published in The Philosophy of Forgiveness, Vol. III, which is now available through Vernon Press. I also have scholarly articles in the Florida Philosophical Review, the Curio Project of the University of Texas at Dallas, and the Eras Journal of Monash University in Australia. 

I have presented my research throughout the United States, to the American Academy of Religion, and McGill University in Quebec. In 2010, I was honored by the Society for Women’s Advancement in Philosophy for presenting the “Best Contribution to Interdisciplinary Feminist Scholarship.” And in 2018, I was nominated by my TJC colleagues for the Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence.

I have been teaching at the university level since 2008, and have been a full-time faculty member at TJC since 2012. I currently serve as the Adjunct Professor of Islam at the University of Texas at Tyler. And I am a full-time faculty member at TJC, where teach courses on philosophy, ethics, world religions, and humanities. I serve on several committees to assist our diverse student population, and am a member of the honors faculty where I designed TJC’s first ever honors-level philosophy and world religions courses.

In the wider community, I serve as President of the board of Congregation Beth El, the Reform Jewish community of East Texas. I also serve on the Darwin Day board, a joint scientific venture between TJC and UT that brings hundreds of locals together in a spirit of fun and intellectual exploration every February.

Finally, one of my great passions is serving as an invited speaker, presenting scholarly talks on religion, ethics, and philosophy to the general public at colleges, universities, churches, synagogues, mosques, civic groups, and other local events.

I hope that our time together will be fruitful.
I do this because I love it, and I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it as well.