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2020 (expected) | Ph.D. History of Ideas: Jewish Ethics
Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, University of Texas at Dallas

2020 (expected) | Grad Cert. in Holocaust Studies
Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, University of Texas at Dallas

2011 | M.A. History & Philosophy of Science
Florida State University

2009 | M.A. Humanities: Phil. of Religion
Florida State University


Humanities (FSU)
Ancient Humanities • Medieval Humanities • Modern Humanities • History of Symphonic Music • The Ancient Novel • Pedagogy of Humanities • Pedagogy of Film • Film Studies (UTD) • Word & Image Studies • Utopia in Western Thought • Man, Nature, and the West • The Art of Translation (UTD)

Philosophy & Religion (FSU)

Heidegger • God After Nietzsche • Ethics • Christian Ethics • Philosophy of Aesthetics: Kant to Nietzsche • Philosophy of Biology • Religion & Just War Theory • The Bible and Power (Political Theology) • Christianity & the Birth of the Modern State • The Soul & the Self (Christian Anthropology) • Bible as Book (Material History of the Bible) • Muhammad & the Qur’an

Jewish Studies (Ackmerman Center for Holocaust Studies, UT Dallas)

American Judaism (FSU) • The Holocaust • Representations of the Holocaust • History of Jewish Literature • Philosophy: Levinas • Forgiveness in Judaism • Literature & the Holocaust • Post-Holocaust Thought • ongoing…


2018: invited chapter
Chapter 1: Forgiveness in Judaism
The Philosophy of Forgiveness, Vol. III
Ed. Greg Bock | Vernon Press

2016: invited article
The Wolf Holocaust Scroll
Curio Project | University of Texas at Dallas

2012: article
Islam in the Early Modern Protestant Imagination
ERAS Journal | Monash University, Australia

2009: article
Heidegger’s Bridge
Florida Philosophical Review | University of Central Florida