Course FAQ

1. I need a good grade for this class / I’m on a scholarship / academic probation…

I recommend you take lots of good notes, participate and be an active listener in class discussions, work ahead of deadlines, run papers by the Writing Lab before turning them in, and meet with me occasionally.

Hint: Coming to me with this concern at the end of the semester will not qualify you for special treatment.

2. My computer/car/Internet/cable modem/laptop/jump–drive/etc. wasn’t working.

Technical issues will never be a valid reason for not turning in work on time.
Work ahead and make lots of back-ups. All of your work should be backed up to at least
two physical places.

3. The computer lab was full. / The power went out. / I had a time issue…

Avoid peak hours and don’t wait till the last minute. Learning time management is part of a college degree.

4. I am having some personal problems and don’t know what to do…

If you are having issues of a personal, medical, or psychiatric nature, then you should seek immediate assistance from TJC Support Services.
They can determine what accommodations are appropriate for you. Your health and well–being are far more important than your grades.
Please get help if you need it!

5. When you grade my essay, can you take into account that I’ve been really busy with job/kids/life?

The grading standards are the same for every student. I can only grade your work. I can’t grade your life.
Unfortunately, college is going to be harder (or impossible) for some. I will always strive to grade equally.

6. Yeah, but I always got good grades for my writing in high school...

High schools have a variety of grading standards. I advise each of my students to utilize the Writing Lab.
Remember: acceptance to a college program doesn’t guarantee you’ll make A’s in all your classes.

7. Why did I not get an “A” on my paper?

I am always happy to discuss a student’s grade during my office hours.
Please email me 24 hours before my office hours for an
appointment so that I can review your paper before we meet to give you the best advice.

8. Please have mercy! I beg you to let me [turn in late work/sign in late/redo an assignment]!

Please don’t beg. It won’t change my mind. I have to hold all my students to the same standard. I can’t do for you without doing the same thing for another. That’s favoritism, and I won’t have any part of it.

9. (From someone who is not my student) Hello! My child/spouse is in your class. Can I ask you if…?

Under FERPA law, I cannot speak to or email your parents, spouse, or friends. I can’t even acknowledge that you’re my student.
This is to protect you! If something comes up, just email or talk to me when you are next available.

10. Can I be on Instagram / Snapchat / Facebook / txt msg / Craigslist / MMORPG / etc. during class?

Really? No. It’s a distraction to you and those around you. Phones need to be silenced and put away during class. Laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and other similar interactive devices are not permitted in class. Dismissal for using such a device will count as an unexcused absence.