Hybrid Course Workflow

Every week in my Hybrid classes, there are two instructional components:
   • Lecture Notes, which you will read before our class meeting (Steps 1-3)
   • And an In–Class Lecture, which takes place during our regularly scheduled class meeting

What follows are the 5 steps you need to accomplish each week to fulfill the Hybrid course requirements.

1. Read the assigned textbook readings for the week.

All of your assignments, including assigned readings, are found in the “Course Schedule” in Canvas. This will generally be a physical book bought from the college bookstore.

2. Read the Lecture Notes in Canvas.

There will be a link in Canvas each week for "Lecture Notes." This is an assigned reading and counts for half of your course instruction. This reading correlates with the oral lecture you will recieve later in the week. The instruction that the Lecture Notes offers is essential because, unlike a traditional 2.5 hour class lecture, our Hybrid class only meets once a week for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

3.  Complete the short weekly quiz online in Canvas.

There will be a weekly online quiz through Canvas to make sure you have read the weekly reading material. The weekly quiz will always be due before we meet for the next class.

4.  Come to our classroom lesson on time and prepared!

Because this is a Hybrid course, students are expected to complete all readings and about half of each weekly lesson entirely online. There simply isn’t enough time in class to go over an entire week’s worth of material (like what happens in a traditional in–class course). At our classroom lesson:

  • The professor will present an oral lecture. In lieu of a PowerPoint, the lecture outline is presented on scribespark.com.
  • Please note that some sections of the week’s instruction will be covered in class, and other sections will be learned strictly at home from the online Lecture Notes read during Step 2. The online part will make clear which parts of the week’s lecture will be covered in class.
  • Material from the classroom lesson is not included on the weekly online quizzes (which assesses the online lesson in Canvas and the textbook readings). However, the lecture material covered in class will be useful on your essays, discussion posts, and *will* be testable on the module exams (including the midterm and final!).

5. Complete all Online Discussion Posts & Essays.

Throughout the course there will also be short discussion posts to complete in Canvas. Additionally, there will be several essays due. These are straightforward papers that generally require no outside research, so long as you’ve understood the material in the weekly lessons. Essays will always be submitted digitally through Canvas.

And finally, be sure that a Hybrid course is the right fit for you before proceeding with this class. We offer traditional classroom, hybrid, and fully online courses.