General Course Standards

(i.e. How I ensure a distraction–free learning environment for my good students.)

General Classroom Infractions

• All electronic devices must be silenced or turned off before class begins. If I can hear it vibrating, it must be turned off. If I hear a device again in the semester, it stays home
for good.

• Cell phones, ear buds, headphones and other electronic devices are not welcome in the classroom. It doesn’t matter why you have a phone out. Without prior permission to have it out, you will be told to leave.

• Working on unrelated material, reading, copying, or writing on someone else’s notes during class is prohibited.

• If you need a pen, paper, etc., then raise your hand and wait for the professor to acknowledge you.
A lack of preparedness on your part does not give you the right to interrupt or distract others.

• Private comments, jokes, nudges, pokes, texts, or written notes between students are a major disruption.
If your attention is not exclusively on the board, your notes, or me, then you will be told to leave.

• Due to repeated problems over mulitple semesters, laptops, tablets, and other networked devices are not allowed in the classroom.

• Inattention, sleeping, or the appearance of sleeping (as decided solely by the professor) is prohibited.

• Disruptions such as closing books, zipping bags, or packing up before being dismissed are not welcome.

▾ Consequences: Attendance grade dropped. Further infractions will result in your permanent dismissal from class.
Also, be aware that I reserve the right to assign seats to counter disruptive behavior.

Major Course Infractions

• Arguing during class time with your instructor, especially when you’ve been accused of an infraction. We can discuss your behavior later in my office, but arguing with me during class only worsens your offense. If you ever find yourself being sent out of class, gather your things and quietly leave. Be aware that, from the moment the infraction started, everything you are saying and doing will be written in a report to the Dean.

• Disrespectful or uncivil conduct of any form, either online or in the classroom. While you have the right to your own opinion, inflammatory language, including discriminatory language based on race, appearance, class, ethnicity, gender, dis/ability, sexual orientation, or national origin, is unacceptable.

• Religious diversity must be represented in a respectful manner. My courses often include discussions about religious communities. Be aware that at no time will proselytizing your own religious view or bashing another’s religious view be tolerated.

• Academic dishonesty is prohibited in any form. (See the page On Plagiarism for more).

▾ Consequences: You will be dismissed from class and sent to the Dean for disciplinary action. The Dean may determine that a note be permanently placed on your transcript, barring you from any future college plans. Additionally, you may be expelled permanently from Tyler Junior College.