Office Hours

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My Office is in Jenkins Hall | Here's a Map

First Floor, East Corridor | Room 166

Spring 2023 Hours

Monday: 9:30-10, 1:15-2:45, 4:15-4:45

Tuesday: 11-11:30, 2:45-4:45

Wednesday: 9:30-10, 1:15-2:45, 4:15-4:45

Thursday: 11-11:30, 2:45-4:45

Appointments are recommended as I meet with students for as long as they need

(within the confines of my posted office hours) on a first come, first served basis.

If you come to my office without an appointment, I can’t promise you won’t be stuck waiting, or that you won’t be bumped by another student who did make an appointment.

If you’re emailing me to make an appointment, be sure to give me 24 weekday hours' notice. This ensures that I have adequate time to read your email,

research your problem, and prepare a solution.