Future Ethics

Ethical Concerns We Face Tomorrow

Lesson Objectives

Understand the nature of data ethics as it relates to identity and surveillance

Appreciate the new ethical challenges emerging in the field of bioethics

Understand the ethical implications of narrow and general artificial intelligence

Key Terms

Digital Footprint





Data Ethics

Moral Questions about Digital Surveillance

• What constitutes "property" and "privacy" in the digital age?

     • Is the 4th Amendment relevant to digital surveillance?

     • Our digital footprints can be followed, leading to an erosion of privacy

          • Eg. cookies and other Internet goodies that can be followed...

• Security and Surveillance

     • The need for tracking and surveillance to ensure security

     • Concerns about how much surveillance is justified

     • Finding the right balance between security and privacy

• Competing Interests

     • The ethical implications of surveillance and privacy

     • Preventing abuse of power by those in authority

     • The importance of finding the right balance between security and privacy

Moral Questions about Digital Manipulation

Deepfakes can deceive voters and damage reputations

     • Political manipulation can undermine our democracy

     • Voters need to be able to trust what they see and hear

     • Deepfakes have become very good (3 min example vid)

• Increasing sophistication of political manipulation

     • International actors are trying to manipulate American political attitudes

     • Political organizations have unprecedented tools for manipulation

     • Sophistication of manipulation is unparalleled in history

• Importance of informed decision-making in politics

     • Views and beliefs should be based on substantive ideas and research

     • Digital and media manipulation can influence political attitudes

     • Informed decision-making is necessary for a healthy democracy

Moral Questions about Digital Identities

• Privacy vs Accessibility in Healthcare

     • Proper protection of personal data is crucial for patients' safety

     • Overly protected data could lead to inadequate or delayed treatment

     • Finding a balance between privacy + accessibility is necessary

• Ethical Considerations in Digital Identities

     • Digital identities and surveillance can be beneficial but require ethics

     • Deepfakes have the potential to undermine democracy and public trust

     • Critical thinking and informed decision-making are essential here!

• Striking a Balance for Society

     • A healthy balance must be struck for society to flourish

     • Ethical considerations must be at the forefront of decision-making

     • Collaboration and dialogue are necessary to ensure digital

     advancements serve the greater moral good