The Jahiliyah & Muhammad

No God but God, Ch 1 & 2

Lesson Objectives

Identify some of the key people in the early story of Islam

Understand what life was like in Arabia before the advent of Islam

Appreciate the Jewish & Persian influences on the Arab World

Appreciate the influence of the Christians and Hanifs on the Arab World

Understand the Meccan context for the advent of Islam

Appreciate the Historical Muhammad as prophet and messenger

Understand the Qurayshi response in socio-political terms

Key Terms




Prophet (Nabi)

The Quraysh Tribe

The Hashemites (Banu Hashim)


Rasul Allah


The Companions (Sahabah)

Key People

Key Prophets before Muhammad

• Abraham

• Moses

• Ishmael

• Jesus

Key Arabs before Muhammad

• Hanif (group): pre-Muhammadan Arab Monotheists

• Zayd ibn Amr: Hanif who meets Muhammad

• Abu Talib: Hashemite leader and Muhammad's uncle

• Waraqa: Ebionite Christian who reassures Muhammad

Contemporaries of Muhammad

• Khadijah: the first wife of the Muhammad

• Abu Bakr: the first of the Rashidun Caliphs

• Ali: nephew, son-in-law, and heir-apparent to Muhammad

• Fatemeh: Muhammad's daughter and Ali's wife