Philosophy Today

Question everything with reason and evidence.

Lesson Objectives

Appreciate why someone should study philosophy today

Understand Freud's topography of the Self and how it is structured

Appreciate the nature of science (cf. Natural Philosophy) and pseudoscience

Appreciate why Wittgenstein finds the best description for language as "game"

Understand Derrida's effort to deconstruct texts and why this is important

Understand the principles of Progressive (Center-Left) Political Philosophy

Appreciate how Foucault might help us in the battle against "Fake News"

Key Terms

Conscious, Preconscious, & Unconscious Mind

Id, Ego, & Superego

Science vs Pseudoscience

Confirmation Bias

Picture-Theory of Meaning

Language Games



Veil of Ignorance

Liberty Principle

Fair & Equal Oppertunity Principle

Knowledge is power

Why Philosophy Matters Now

To Know Thyself

• Technical Knowledge vs. Pratical Wisdom

• Practical Wisdom applies universally

• The Self is all you really have. And philosophy gives you the tools to know it.

Appreciate the Roles of Science & Knowledge Today

• There's a lot of garbage ideas out there (cf. Freedom of Speech)

• Philosophy gives you the tools of analysis and evaluation

• Move beyond your own Confirmation Bias

Understand the Rules of the Game

• It turns out under Wittgenstein that Language is a Game

• Learn how this works, and you'll understand the world much better

• You'll also come to appreciate art, politics, and culture more

Better grasp of Arguments

• How to make a sound judgement

• How to differentiate between different sources of information

Engenders a more interesting, sophisticated personality

• studying philosophy literally makes you sophisticated!