largest world religion • dogmatic • theistic • proselytizing

Lesson Objectives

• Define Key Terms

• Appreciate the relationship between the Roman occupation & the Messiah

• Understand the relationship between the Jerusalem & Apostolic communities

• Appreciate the wide variety of Christianities in the ancient world

• Appreciate the history of the ascendency of the Medieval Church

• Understand the ascendency of the Holy Roman Catholic Church

Key Terms

The Aeneid





Paul the Apostle

The Five Patriarchs

Edict of Thessalonica

The Great Schism

The Seven Sacraments

Of Romans & Jews

Rome & the Divine Caesar

• Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar declares he is the "Son of God"

     • This is to bolster his claim to the imperial throne, as his adoptive father           Julius Caesar was deified in a Roman ceremony in 42 BCE

• Augustus commissions Virgil to write The Aeneid, a sort of 'anti-Gospel'

     • In The Aeneid, God offers the world for the Romans to violently conquer

• With holy fury, the Roman Empire under Caesar takes every land it can reach

     • Rome takes the Celts, the Britons, the Armenians, the Jews, etc.

Judea under Roman Occupation

• The Land of Israel ("Judea") is violently occupied and taxed by the Romans

• The main form of taxation in Galilee is fish — a powerful symbol of oppression

     • Fishermen: Peter & Andrew, James & John (article: fishing boats)

     Mary of Magdala (a fishing village), Matthew (hated tax collector)

• Taxes enrich Roman ports like Caesarea, leaving villages like Nazareth bare

Remembering Hanukkah

• 200 years before the Roman Occupation, the Jews had kicked the Greeks out

     • This victory was part of their National Myth, and honored as Hanukkah

     • This cultural memory/expectation led to two distinct political responses

• The Zealots – a faction of Jews calling for armed rebellion against Romans

     • Most dangerous Zealots were knifemen ("sicarii") like Judas Iscariot

     • The sicarii assassinated Romans AND Jews who they felt collaborated

• The Messianics – Jews seeking an Apocalyptic leader who'll end occupation

     • The heads of Jewish kings were anointed with oil to mark their royalty

     • The Hebrew "Messiah" & Greek "Christ" both mean 'anointed one'