4th largest religion • dogmatic • non-theistic • proselytizing

Lesson Objectives

• Define Key Terms

• Appreciate the spread of Buddhism through Asia

• Understand the relevance of the Four Sights

• Understand the cause and effect relationship of the Four Noble Truths

• Appreciate the centrality of the Three Fires to Buddhist thought

• Understand the difference between Mahayana and Theravda Buddhism

• Appreciate the current cultural and political issues facing Tibetan Buddhism

Key Terms

The Four Sights

The Bodhi Tree

The Buddha



The Three Fires

The Three Jewels



Dalai Lama

Buddhism in the World

Śramaṇa Period of India (600 - 200 BCE)

• Concept of Samsara & the Life of the Buddha

• Pali Canon compiled by Theravada Buddhists

• First & Second Buddhist Councils

The Spread of Buddhism (200 BCE - 100 CE)

• Third & Fourth Buddhist Councils

• Emperor Ashoka of India sends proselytes to Greece & China

• Rise of Mahayana Buddhism in China

Buddhism in Asia (100 - 600 CE)

• Buddhist scriptures trans. into Chinese

• Pure Land Buddhism begins

• Buddhism in Vietnam & Southeast Asia

• Buddhism in Korea & Japan

Early Middle Buddhism (600 - 1200)

• Rise of Tibetan Buddhism

• Chán (China) & Zen (Japan) Buddhism

Late Middle Buddhism (1200 - 1500s)

• First Dalai Lama in Tibet

• Buddhism encounters Catholic missionaries in Japan