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Here's a short guide to get you started in my class.


We’ll be using Canvas as the front page of our course. Canvas is a cloud–native software package

that our college uses to dissiminate information, media, and tests to students. You can login to

Canvas by clicking on the “My Online Courses” link in Apache Access (This link is found

on the Home Tab in the Quick Links channel (under Student Links)).

1. Once you’re in Canvas, click the “Courses” drop–down menu and then click our course.

2. Once you’re on our course page, click on the “Modules” tab on the left side of the screen.

3. Your first assignment will be to read all materials in the “Start Here” Module and to

complete the two quizzes at the end of the module.

Modules in Canvas

Our course is broken up into “modules”. My courses typically have 4 core modules,

bookended by a “Start Here” module at the beginning and a “Final Exam” module at the end.

The “Start Here” Module

Completing the “Start Here” module is your first assignment.

This module contains a series of pages including but not limited to:

Syllabus Link | This is the shorter, harder–to–read version of the syllabus for the course.

My Policies & Procedures | This is an official expansion of the syllabus. I will refer to this document often!

Syllabus Addendum | This page is specific to each course, outlining the schedule and general course information.

Plagiarism 101 | This is a PowerPoint designed by the Writing Center. More specific info on plagiarism can be found here.

Humanities & Philosophy Dept. Academic Honesty Policy | We really don’t want you to cheat!

Course Schedule | This is where assignments, readings, and due dates can be found.

Various instruction sets for Exams, Assignments, and Discussions

Tech Support | I do not do any form of tech support. That’s why we have these guys!

The Syllabus Link

This is the official syllabus of the course. Due to the way the college uploads their syllabi, it is difficult to read.

For this reason, I have expanded upon the syllabus information in the “My Policies & Procedures” document.

My Policies & Procedures

This document represents the standards to which I hold the students of all of my courses.

It is quite thorough, covering such areas as:

Email Procedures

Behavioral Models for Success

Course Conduct Standards & Consequences

Writing Standards


Scholarly Source Standards

Attendances, Absences, and Valid Excuses

And the Course FAQ

The Syllabus Addendum

The Addendum outlines our schedule, grading information, details on assignments, and the grading scale.

“Start Here” Module Assignments

There are two assignments in Canvas you must complete in order to take part in the rest of the course.

These assignments do have deadlines, so be sure to complete them in a timely manner.

The “Academic Honesty Policy Consent” form

The “Start Here” quiz

Remember, if you have any questions my email address is listed in the “Syllabus Link” as well as in “My Policies and Procedures.”

Finally, I cannot help with technical problems. By enrolling in a Hybrid or Online course, you are acknowledging that you have the level of computer literacy and access required to be successful in such a course. If you find that you need extra training with computer or Internet usage, I kindly suggest that you discuss that need with your degree advisor. Good luck!